The International competition “Gogol-fentezi” 2010

The 58 authors from Ukraine, Israel, Belarus, Canada, Russia participated in the International competition “Gogol-fentezi 2010”. The total competition included stories by 12 authors which were illustrated by four artists, become winners of a competition of illustrators. The literary competition was won by Vasily Yudov (the village of Garbuzinka, the Nikolaev Region, Ukraine) for the epic ode “The Fairy Tale about Cossack Galalaya”. The prize of “Spectator sympathies” was won by Oleg Govda for stories “Novor_chna Rapsod_ya” and “Knife, Cross and Boots”.


Vasyl Yudov. Gran at a competition for “The fairy tale about Cossack Galalaya”

The prize of reader’s sympathies was won by Oleg Govda for a series of stories.

12 artists from Ukraine and Russia participated in the international competition of illustrators. Evgenia Kis won against the second year in a row a competition; she created a book cover, having won against 5 colleagues an additional competition.

Evgenia Kiss. The competition Grand Prix for a series of illustrations and a cover of the literary collection.

Alice Perkmini. A prize of spectator sympathies for a series of illustrations.

The PRESENTATION IN KHERSON. KHERSON ACADEMIC THEATRE. Were present at the presentation the theater director Alexander Kniga.



Avtor:mariya Goin (Lviv)


Avtor:mariya Goin (Lviv)

Collection illustrations

Author of illustrations Evgenia Kisileva (Sevastopol, Ukraine)


Author of illustrations Alice Perkmini (Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia)


Author of illustrations Evgenia Kamolikova (Kiev, Ukraine)


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