CARTOONS  and caricatures competition EURO-2012 devoted to holding the European Football Championship in Ukraine and Poland! “Soccer unites us”

Yalta-Ukraine 2010

The Grand Prix of a competition was received by Lubomir Kortkha (Trenchin, Slovakia).

First place: Yulian Pena-Pay (Ployeshti, Romania)

Second place: Igor Kiyko (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

Third place: Vasily Alexandrov (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Chairman of jury Yury Kosobukin (Kiev, Ukraine)

Jury: Oleg Dergachev (Montreal, Canada);      Valerii Kruhov (Kherson, Ukraine).

Artists from 57 countries participated in a competition, in the final catalog cartoons from 28 countries are placed.
The total exhibition took place in the press center of hotel of the oldest hotel “Bristol” in July, 2010. To opening of an exhibition there arrived a judge Oleg Dergachev, the prize-winner of a competition Igor Kiyko.

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