Hello, dear enthusiasts of the HEALTHY LIFESTYLE!

All of us want to be healthy and beautiful; and for this purpose the food complex from the Herbalife company best of all approaches. And it is checked by me, Svetlana Lobareva for 10 years when decided to change the life to the best – I became the employee of this well-known brand, began to apply their practices, entered into the diet and a diet of the relatives the most part from a line of production. As a result, my many relatives, friends, acquaintances followed a way of the complex of improvement of the organism best at the moment. And even REJUVENATION and WEIGHT LOSS! Therefore I decided to open the club on pages of this website of arts as I still work as the head of exhibition projects “The international festival of arts Gogol-fentezi” and I consider that to be young, BEAUTIFUL and HEALTHY – too ART! Also will help us with it is “HERBALIFE”!

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