Iranian cartoonist Aidin Ardjomandi stated that he had to forego judging at the 2019 Adobe Design Achievement Awards (ADAA)

Iranian designer Aidin Ardjomandi stated that he had to forego judging at the 2019 Adobe Design Achievement Awards (ADAA) due to sanctions imposed on Iran by the Trump administration. In an article published by Persian news agencies last week, Arjdomandi said that he had been invited via an email to join the jury of the ADAA, which is held at Adobe HQ in San Francisco, California. However, the organizers sent another email and said that they could not collaborate with him due to the sanctions.

“I had never been confronted with such discriminatory treatment by societies that always claim they are in a fight against various aspects of discrimination,” Arjdomandi stated. “The organizers of the ADAA have said that they made the decision due to the legal limits imposed by the sanctions, but this explanation failed to convince me,” he added. The award winner Designer and Cartoonist, Ardjomandi won A’Design Award in 2015 by inventing a brand new musical instrument, the Celloridoo, which was a hybrid one by combination of cello and the didgeridoo, He has also won “The Devil gas station-2014” cartoon competition in Ukraine by drawing the caricature of Vladimir Putin.

 v  The diploma

Aidin Ardjomandi is the member of the World Design Consortium, International Design Club, International Council of Creative Industries and the International Association of Designers. He was also a member of the juries at the 2016–2019 A’Design Award in Italy and the 2019 Asian Design Award in South Korea and other designs competitions in Germany and the United States.

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VI International competition of the cartoon “Time is money 2018. Crypto currency: bitcoin and others.”

5.21.2018. Colleagues! We congratulate Winners of the VI International competition of a cartoones “Time is money of 2018. Cryptocurrency: bitcoin and others”. The exhibition presentation has been held in Poltava (a photo lower), however in September more large-scale exhibition in Poltava will be held.


The First place (bronze “Rudy Panko”) – Igor Lukyanchenko (Ukraine)

The second place (“Rudy Panko” from a tree)Mojmir Mihatov (Croatia)


Third place (special prize) Raed Khalil (Syria)

Owners of diplomas of a competition:    

Henryk Cebula (Poland);                                                                         

Konstantyn Sunnerberg (Belgium);                                                                  

Lijie Yang (China);                                                                                                          

Ba Bilig (China);                                                                                                                                                            

Khaled Al Jabery (UAE);                                                                           

Luis Eduardo Leon (Colombia).



05.05.2018 Dear colleagues cartoons. Because of a technical mistake. Oleg Loktyev  wasn’t included in the list. Now I have corrected and Oleg’s cartoons will be included into the final catalog of the competition “Time Is Money”.

Results of a competition of a cartoon 2018 “Time – money of 2018. Cryptocurrency: bitcoin and others”.

May 2, 2018. The list of artists whose cartoons were included into the final catalog VI of the International competition of a cartoone “Time – money of 2018. Cryptocurrency: bitcoin and others”. We ask authors of the list to send urgently originals of the cartoons or qualitative copies (a format of 30 cm x 40 cm; A3. On the copy has to be the author’s, present personal signature) to the address: Kruhov Valerii; box 107; 04111, Kiev, Ukraine.

    1. Sunnerberg Constantin. Belgium.
    2. Jitet KustanaJl. Indonesia.
    3. Christopher Nyiti. Tanzania.
    4. Lijie Yang. China.
    5. Raed Khalil. Syria.
    6. .Luis Eduardo Leon, Colombia.
    7. Mikola Kapusta. Ukraine.
    8. Carlos Alberto da Costa Amorim. Brazil.
    9. Aleksandr Ваbanschikov  Ukraine.
    10. Olexsander Dubovskii. Ukraine.
    11. Asifur Rahman. Bangladesh.
    12. Andrey Levchenko. Ukraine.
    13. Ba Bilig. China .
    14. Marco Ivich. Croatia.
    15. Jordan Pop Iliev. Macedonia.
    16. Oleksiy Kustovsky. Ukraine.
    17. Viktor Holub. Ukraine.
    18. Mojmir Mihatov . Croatia.
    19. Conrado da SIlveira Brazil.
    20. Khaled Al Jaberi. UAE.
    21. Pavel Matuška. Czech Republic.
    22. Vasiliy_Alexandrov. Russia.
    23. Lukyanchenko Igor. Ukraine.
    24. Valerii Tarasenko. Russia.
    25. Dariush Dabrovski. Poland
    26. Nikola Listeš. Сroatia.
    27. Klaus Pitter. Austria.
    28. .Oleg Loktyev. Ukraine.


The competition is dedicated to the creation in the world of a new virtual decentralized financial system.

Competitive cartoons shall show creation in the world of a new virtual financial system. In this system citizens self-organize in the computer world, buy the equipment for mining, the bitcoin clubs and the companies organize the. It occurs against the background of depreciation of traditional currencies. At the same time, billionaires invest the money in electronic currency (Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Mark Andrissen and regular citizens from 103 countries of the world). Economists speak about a victory of cryptocurrency and bitcoin as most expensive currency for all history world financial systems. Banks of some countries appear against cryptocurrency in print. Bankers abuse this new system, and buy up it to receive an excess profit. Bitcoin trade on NASDAQ and other largest world exchanges now.

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