III International competition of a caricatures and cartoons “Ukrainian choice. Ukraine – the European Union” 2013

The international competition took place under the auspices of the International “Red Cross”. More than 150 caricaturistsand cartoons from 36 countries of the world which presented more than 200 works on a competition participated in a competition. 88 cartoones to politicians of the world entered a total competition. 2 subjects including cartoons to politicians of the world are offered to artists.

First place was won by Victor Holuba’s cartoon from Zdolbunov, the Rivne region, Ukraine.                                     Second place. Sergey Tyunin. Moscow, Russia.
Third place. Valery Tarasenko. Pskov, Russia.
The presentation of an exhibition and Victor Holuba’s rewarding took place in Exactly.

Victor Holub rewarding (Zdolbunov, Ukraine) during the exhibition in theater of the city Rovno/

The catalog presentation in Kherson. Press club “New day”.


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