III International competition of a caricatures and cartoons “Ukrainian choice. Ukraine – the European Union” 2013

The international competition took place under the auspices of the International “Red Cross”. More than 150 caricaturistsand cartoons from 36 countries of the world which presented more than 200 works on a competition participated in a competition. 88 cartoones to politicians of the world entered a total competition. 2 subjects including cartoons to politicians of the world are offered to artists.

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VI International competition of the cartoon “Time is money 2018. Crypto currency: bitcoin and others.”


The competition is dedicated to the creation in the world of a new virtual decentralized financial system.

Competitive cartoons shall show creation in the world of a new virtual financial system. In this system citizens self-organize in the computer world, buy the equipment for mining, the bitcoin clubs and the companies organize the. It occurs against the background of depreciation of traditional currencies. At the same time, billionaires invest the money in electronic currency (Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Mark Andrissen and regular citizens from 103 countries of the world). Economists speak about a victory of cryptocurrency and bitcoin as most expensive currency for all history world financial systems. Banks of some countries appear against cryptocurrency in print. Bankers abuse this new system, and buy up it to receive an excess profit. Bitcoin trade on NASDAQ and other largest world exchanges now.

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