V International competition of a caricatures and cartoons “Totalitarianism” of 2015

The 112 authors of 38 countries have participated in the V International competition of a caricatures and cartoons “Totalitarianism” of 2015. The competition has continued a series in which the aggressive essence of the Russian imperial, fascist state seeking to destroy independence by all methods is shown. Among them the large role is played not only by the direct armed invasion of Russia on the territory of Ukraine, annexation of territories, and and information total promotion.

The Russian information propaganda monsters of “LIFE NEWS” and “Russia Today” extend around the world lies of the Kremlin inhabitants for preservation of the criminal mode. The main propagandists also participate in it: Konstantin Ernst, Dmitry Kiselyov, Vladimir Solovyov, Vitaly Churkin (I was the representative of Russia in the UN), Vladimir Putin’s press secretary – Dmitry Peskov and the minister of foreign policy Sergey Lavrov – turn the Devil in Angel.

Cartoonists the works have shown misanthropic activity of the dictator and his spongers, silence of the Russian population and its inability to resist to totalitarianism.

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