What everything began with. I International competition of literature “Gogol-fentezi 2009”

The international creative competitions (literary and a competition of illustrations) “Gogol – fantasy 2009” a name of Rudy Panko take place in honor of the ingenious, amazing creativity, the founder of a Slavic fantasy Nikolay Vasilyevich Gogol.

The motto of competitions – “Down with orks and goblins! Give our witches and devils!”

The idea of a competition – literary works in style of a fantasy with the Ukrainian color.

Scene of action – Ukraine, Moon, Moskovііa…



– to show new literary names of the authors writing in the Ukrainian, Russian languages

  • to unite literary space of the people on the basis of the literary project for the presentation in various countries of all richness of modern Ukrainian, talent of the Ukrainian authors.
  • The policy – separates, and art and talented works unite talented authors in peace space of creativity against totalitarianism.

Features of the project:


  1. On the present the NATIONAL PROJECT thanks to democratic voting procedure on the official site of www.art-krug.com
  2. There is held the competition in 2 languages: Ukrainian and Russian!

Along with demonstration of the competitive literary work – it is illustrated!

  1. The final literary collection by winners of 2 competitions (literature and illustrations) “Gogol – fantasy 2009” is published. Are handed: Gran – At and additional prizes (prizes: “Reader’s” and “Spectator sympathies”) are made also as a result of creative competitions.
  1. This literary collection “it is taken in hand” Kherson academic musical and drama theater of N. Kulish.
  2. Since May, 2010. The international festival of arts “Gogol – a fantasy” became the partner of the International theater festival “Melpomene Tavrii”. On May 17 reported about it the director of the Kherson dramatic theater the Book by A.A. and the director “Gogol – a fantasy” – Krugov V. A. at a joint press conference.
  3. Since 2010 were a part of the International literary jury of the competition “Gogol — a Fantasy”:

Aleksandr Kniha by A.A. – director of the Kherson dramatic theater. Honored worker of arts of Ukraine,

Kalyuzhnaya L.P. is a manager. litas of theater. The honored actress of Ukraine (the photo report on a press conference on the website of the Festival of arts www.art-krug.com


  1. On May 28 at a conference for playwrights and directors within “Melpomene Tavriya” there took place the presentation of the literary collection “Gogol — a Fantasy of 2009”.
  2. Winners of competitions are declared: The Grand Prix of a literary competition was received by Volyk Tatyana for the story “Devilry” in Ukrainian. The Grand Prix a competition of illustrators was won by Kiselyova Evgenia (Sevastopol, Ukraine). Goin Maria (Lviv, Ukraine) became the author of additional figurines of prizes
  3. In the final literary collection 17 stories by authors from Ukraine, Israel, Belarus, Russia are published. In total 35 authors from 12 states participated in a competition, they were illustrated by 54 artists from 4 states. The collection included 28 illustrations of 9 artists.

The presentation of the collection of 2009 and originals of competitive illustrations took place also in Kakhovka in the building of the historical museum (director Sedelkina Svetlana Liveryevna). Awarded an incentive prize (the “Devil” author Goin Maria) to the artist Nayden to Oksana from Kakhovka – the deputy head of RAY-administration Irina Glukhova.

Tatyana Volyk – the Grand Prix of a literary competition

Maria Goin is the author of figurines. incentive prizes


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